Fordson High Students Rally for March 1 Nationwide Day to Defend Education

Earlier in the day, chaos erupted at Fordson High School in Dearborn, Michigan, when an annonymous person called and made a threat, putting the school on a lockdown. The rally was briefly canceled, however put back on after the situation cleared. Due to this situation, turnout was low.

That however did not stop students from spreading the message. Students gathered on Ford Rd. and held signs, including “We neid an edyucayshin” and “No Child Shareholder Left Behind”. After students went inside where the weather was warmer and held a productive discussion about how cuts have affected them, and what the solutions were.

Students agreed they need to get their parents involved. Also students made future plans to visit the school board meeting all together.

For more information, see the article written on the event.

Credit for the photos goes to Nafeh Abunab. Credit for the article goes to Jessica Carreras.

Husain Bazzi
Event Organizer

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